Currently open for submissions: 45th Anniversary Issue

Our 45th Anniversary Issue (#124) will welcome the return of Bamboo Ridge founding editors Eric Chock and Darrell H.Y. Lum along with Juliet S. Kono!

Find out more info and guidelines here.

DEADLINE: July 29th, 2022

*We are not currently considering book manuscripts.

What we’re looking for: Thought-provoking and unforgettable pieces that sustain us. Writing that feeds the soul. While we invite submissions from all writers, we’re especially interested in seeing speculative works rooted in, and from, Hawaiʻi, the Pacific region, and island communities. We’re also particularly thrilled by storytelling that helps us think more deeply and imagines us into better possible worlds.

We’re open to all written and visual forms, i.e. short fiction, poetry, plays, comics, experimental forms, hybrid/mixed-genre, and even speculative nonfiction (Google it).

What we’re NOT looking for: We are not looking for work that promotes hate speech, presents stereotypes, and/or romanticizes or exoticizes a culture/place/ or people. Work that is clearly racist, homophobic, ableist, sexist, classist, or anti-trans will not be considered.

Email your submission to

  • Subject line should read “Submission, [last name], 45th Anniversary”
  • Forms: prose, creative nonfiction, poetry, stand-alone excerpts, visual art, experimental forms.
    • Prose (word count/page count): 5,000 words
    • Poetry (# of poems): up to 5 poems per author (no more than 10 pages)
    • Word or PDF. Send as an attachment.
  • Include your author name, byline if different, short bio, and contact information. Please also indicate the island that you are from. If you are not from the Pacific, please indicate your connection to Hawai’i or the Pacific region.
  • We value your submissions however, cannot respond to every email personally. If your work is chosen for publication you will hear from us as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience during the selection process and hope you continue to submit in the future.
  • Submissions that include song lyrics, or that quote heavily from an already published work (including references like dictionaries) require that the author get permission from the publisher.
The author certifies that all work submitted is the author’s own original writing.
If the work includes material not written by the author, then the author must clearly indicate in the work what is quoted material and include an attribution assigning proper credit. If the quoted material is copyrighted and not in the public domain, the author must also provide the press with permission(s) to reprint any such quoted material.
While we will continue to accept submissions via regular mail, we prefer email.
You can mail submission and contact information (mailing address, phone, and email) to
Bamboo Ridge Press
P.O. Box 61781
Honolulu, Hawaii 96839-1781
Manuscripts should be in 12-point type, with one-inch margins on one side of 8.5″ x 11″ white paper. Prose should be double-spaced. Poetry may be single-spaced. To ensure a response to a hard copy submission, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Affix sufficient postage if you wish to have your work returned.
Please do not send your only copy of your writing; we will not be responsible for lost or damaged manuscripts.