Nearly 45 years ago, in 1978, during a time of significant political and cultural change in Hawaiʻi and in America, Eric Chock and Darrell Lum founded Bamboo Ridge Press, Hawaiʻi’s oldest independent literary press, and the literary journal Bamboo Ridge. Since then, it has gone on to help establish what is often referred to as “local” literature and publish some of Hawaiʻi’s most acclaimed literary voices. Following the passing of Bamboo Ridge’s long-time president and acclaimed writer and literary advocate, Marie Hara, an oral history project was launched to document the history of the journal from those with first-hand knowledge of its inception and impact. Through this project, which is ongoing, the hope is to gain insight into an important time in Hawaiʻi’s literary history.

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voices of br: recording the history of bamboo ridge 

This project seeks to document the history of Bamboo Ridge as told from the perspectives of the people who created it and others who have worked hard to keep it thriving for the last forty five years.

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