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Just another mellow Monday ova here in da Bamboo Ridge Press supah secret headquatahs.  No mo noting stirring.  Not even a mongoose.  Jes Eric and Darrell playing Mahjong an singing some high-school alma maters from aroun da State.  I can see da Bamboo Buck tree out da window in da back a da cave.  Get...

Mating Season

Whoa!  Weird!  Yestahday I couldn’t reach dis site.  I tought somebody stole um.  I was gonna call da intahnet cops.  But now no need.  Ho!  What a plop plop fizz fizz relief.  Anyway, jes pretend you travelled back in time an dis is Monday.  Sooooo, Bill an Ted Aloha #WriterMonday. You know what that means,...

Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown

Yeah yeah yeah, I know.  It’s not Monday.  But I canna let a whole week go by promptless, can I?  Why waste da week?  So here’s #WritingPrompt numero uno for September. So Nicholson is about to get his nose cut up.  Prompts jumping into my brain: cutlery plastic surgery nosy people knifey people intimidation Eh,...

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WoooHooo! June Writing Contest Winners : )

K’den.  Get two winnahs dis mont. DoreenB.  You win Da Mos Naked Gecko Poem Award Darrell:  You win Da Mos Mist-ologicalifragilistical Story Award Guess what?  Still get prizes.  Guess what da prizes.  Eh, you know, right?  Da mos sought afta prizes in da BRP universe:  Bamboo Bucks.  You know how much?  Das right, ten.  You...

We Need Writing Contest Prompts for July : )

Aloha, friends, we need about 31 or so writing prompts for July.  Please submit as many as you like below.  Mahalo, and keep writing : )

Prompt ideas for JULY!

Hello everyone! We need some trigger/prompt ideas for next month. Give us some suggestions in the comments. Should we do a word limit, only dialogue, past tense omnipotent? Let us know below what you think might be fun or challenging.

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