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January 2022 Year of the Ox Writing Contest Prompts : )

Happy New Year.  This month, let’s go for 100 to 500 words.  This time, I’m thinking of new things.  New looks, new cars, new ideas, new shoes, new names, new games, new loves, new moves, new homes, new years, new _________. So let’s do between 100 and 500 words on new _________. Or, as always,...

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WoooHooo! June Writing Contest Winners : )

K’den.  Get two winnahs dis mont. DoreenB.  You win Da Mos Naked Gecko Poem Award Darrell:  You win Da Mos Mist-ologicalifragilistical Story Award Guess what?  Still get prizes.  Guess what da prizes.  Eh, you know, right?  Da mos sought afta prizes in da BRP universe:  Bamboo Bucks.  You know how much?  Das right, ten.  You...

We Need Writing Contest Prompts for July : )

Aloha, friends, we need about 31 or so writing prompts for July.  Please submit as many as you like below.  Mahalo, and keep writing : )

Prompt ideas for JULY!

Hello everyone! We need some trigger/prompt ideas for next month. Give us some suggestions in the comments. Should we do a word limit, only dialogue, past tense omnipotent? Let us know below what you think might be fun or challenging.

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