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Third Monday Writing Contest Prompts for October

Use any ideas you come up from these excerpts as writing prompts. Let your mind wander, and  let’s write.   Scales glisten; pink whiskers jut out. Some are the color of mud, others recall the embroidery of coats placed on babes one-month old. Fat, round, small: they lay on the crushed ice, stall after stall....

Second Monday Writing Contest Prompts for October : )

When I started getting interested in girls, I used to go bananas over the chicks in my school but could never seem to score any of them.  I’d watch movies every night and study how the guys on TV would always pick up the chicks.  They made it look so easy.  I tried some of...

First Monday Writing Contest Prompt Ideas for October : )

If we hike up the mountain far enough, You and I will discover the shipwrecks, The beautiful grottoes where orchids Have grown in the boneyards. From “Hiking by Moonlight,” by Tino Ramirez, Bamboo Ridge, The Hawaii Writers’ Quarterly, No. 1, December 1978, New Moon ( * * * * * There was a clock on...

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WoooHooo! June Writing Contest Winners : )

K’den.  Get two winnahs dis mont. DoreenB.  You win Da Mos Naked Gecko Poem Award Darrell:  You win Da Mos Mist-ologicalifragilistical Story Award Guess what?  Still get prizes.  Guess what da prizes.  Eh, you know, right?  Da mos sought afta prizes in da BRP universe:  Bamboo Bucks.  You know how much?  Das right, ten.  You...

We Need Writing Contest Prompts for July : )

Aloha, friends, we need about 31 or so writing prompts for July.  Please submit as many as you like below.  Mahalo, and keep writing : )

Prompt ideas for JULY!

Hello everyone! We need some trigger/prompt ideas for next month. Give us some suggestions in the comments. Should we do a word limit, only dialogue, past tense omnipotent? Let us know below what you think might be fun or challenging.

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