—Uncle, how come you wearing da Burger King crown? –Somebody went ask me if I had corona. I said yeah, I get one crown. —I tink dey meant da disease. –I no mo disease. I no mo da plague. No blame me. No burn down my house. I’m okay. —Burn down your house? –Long time…

ON HE RODE — Chapter Twenty-One

“Ubiquity,” on the other hand, has no definable history with me. I don’t know where I learned it or where I’d ever use it. Omnipresence, I guess. Everywhere at once. God-like. Ubiquitous. In the presumed natural order of things, all things are perpetually connected into one universal entity of which everything is a contributing part….

A Helpful Kind

He’s always thinking about other people, more particularly, what he can do for this family. Barbeque perhaps, bake some muffins, rake leaves, wash car, babysit, give lychee, mangoes, avocados. Every morning he watches their house while he sips his coffee, catching snatches of their lives through the windows. How they are so busy, making breakfast,…

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