Uncle, how come you wearing da Burger King crown?

–Somebody went ask me if I had corona. I said yeah, I get one crown.

I tink dey meant da disease.

–I no mo disease. I no mo da plague. No blame me. No burn down my house. I’m okay.

Burn down your house?

–Long time ago, had disease in Chinatown so, of course, dey thot was da pa-kes to blame. So dey went burn down Chinatown fo get rid of da rats. To dem same-same: pa-kes and rats. Dey nevah get rid of da rats, jes da houses, da stores, da association club houses, and dey blame da pa-kes. But da pa-kes hard head, dey nevah give up.

Dey nevah move?

–Yeah. Rebuild in da same place. Das wat dey did. Corona, same ting. Blame da pa-kes. Bumbye pau. Jes no burn down my house, I get one crown.

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