BR + Lee Cataluna + Kumu Kahua Theatre

Equals good fun! Don’t miss this special matinee performance of Lee Cataluna’s Folks You Meet in Longs plus a bonus reading from her new collection of plays, Flowers of Hawai‘i, featuring the playwright and her son, Kainoa Kelly.

Following the show, there will be refreshments and talk story with the author, director, and cast. More info at the link below.

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Looking for your latest work!

We are currently seeking submissions for Bamboo Ridge, Journal of Hawaiʻi Literature & Arts, Issue #126. 

Scheduled for release in Fall 2024, this issue will be guest edited by award-winning playwright and author, Victoria Nālani Kneubuhl.

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The Kona Winds Reader’s Guide and Glossary is here!

Mahalo to Dr. Jayson Makoto Chun, Dr. John P. Rosa, Catherine Imaikalani Ulep, and Dr. Patrick Patterson for their hard work in bringing us this valuable resource.

Whether you’re discovering Scott Kikkawa’s books for the first time, or re-reading Kona Winds in anticipation of his upcoming third novel, Char Siu, let this guide be your… guide!

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