That’s the way we opened every show.
Hawaiʻi needed something like Aloha Shorts. As we all know, our island home is blessed with world-class writers, actors, and musicians. Hawaiʻi Public Radio and Bamboo Ridge Press recognized this and took a chance.

Cedric Yamanaka
host, writer, and performer

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Aloha Shorts was a locally produced, half-hour radio program of writings from Bamboo Ridge Press performed by Hawaiʻi’s actors and formerly broadcast on Hawaiʻi Public Radio. Co-produced by Sammie Choy, Craig Howes, and Phyllis S.K. Look, live recordings were held once a month on Sunday nights, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in HPR’s Atherton Studio in front of an audience. The on-air host was Cedric Yamanaka, and the house band was Hamajang. 

In 2019, Bamboo Ridge Press published The Best of Aloha Shorts, a collection of over thirty stories and poems that were featured on the program, history and behind-the-scenes accounts, plus personal essays by some of the writers, actors, musicians, sponsors, and the host.

Listen to recordings of all the pieces included in The Best of Aloha Shorts.