Our First New Moon Night in Kunia

In the distance, Waipahu town lights scrape away at the black edge of this evening sky with the monochromatic yellow of sodium vapor lamps. Beneath us, we do not notice the new asphalt roof tiles still warm from slanting afternoon sunlight, nor the faint salt taste of the last onshore breeze. Enchanting our imaginations is…

October Year of the Pig writing contest winners, November contest rules : )

Were you watching the World Series? Did you go Trick-or-Treating? Get started on your holiday gift buying? Why? WTF were you thinking? You should have been writing, like Jim Harstad, Darrell, Rbibeau, and Doreen B. If you had been having fun writing instead of wasting your time, you might have been a monthly winner too….

Aging in Place

“Prostitution,” the tall man states with serene confidence, “is the public promulgation of private parts for pecuniary purposes. Do we call it renting? Or selling? Letting? Or getting? And so what? “The real question,” he adds, sips his Longboard, holds the glassed amber before him in a neo-Mussolini salute, “is whether you are ever embarrassed…

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