October Year of the Pig writing contest winners, November contest rules : )

Were you watching the World Series? Did you go Trick-or-Treating? Get started on your holiday gift buying? Why? WTF were you thinking?

You should have been writing, like Jim Harstad, Darrell, Rbibeau, and Doreen B. If you had been having fun writing instead of wasting your time, you might have been a monthly winner too. Congratulations to all four. They all bank, raking in a sweet 10 Bamboo Bucks apiece.

So stop wasting time. Write every day. It’s like calisthenics. If no do um, no one else goin do um for you. You wanna get in shape? Write, write, frickin write. Do it for you. Get cracking. Winners know to post their writing on the Bamboo Shoots page. Losers never post. Write often, post often. Stop wasting your time doing trivial stuffs.

Just like last month, you’ll find a word trigger a day on the Bamboo Ridge Blog page. Hopefully. Use that word in any kind of a piece of writing, or to inspire a piece of writing, and then post that piece on the Bamboo Shoots page. Wanna be a winner? Be a writer.

Note: Some days there’s a problem posting, but there will always be words to choose from over the course of a month. Probably. I think so. Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll come up with a Plan B.

Mahalo for reading!

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