Speaking to the gods

Speaking to the gods

We had a long talk the other day – the gods and me.

I thanked them for my good life, and they said they had no more to give, and I had no more to ask.

“Cashing in your chips?” they asked.

I said, “I know you would like that because you’ve got your hands full with a whole lot of people hurting, and a guy like me should have been happy with what you gave him and make some room for the next guy in line who just lost his job, wife, kids, truck, dog, girlfriend and is taking his gun to the pawnshop because he is counting on us for more time rather than suicide.”

I pleaded,” The last woman was the best guys, and I swore her memory would keep me alive, and I would never ask for another because once you‘ve had the best, you know lightning will never strike twice. But honestly fellows, lightning did strike twice. She’s a terrible beauty, and I’d like another shot – one more time. She’s young with a gazelle’s gait, almond eyes, and skin like burnt umber – dances on air with an easy laugh and a wicked smile. Well, I could go on, but you guys know what a sucker I am for pretty faces and accents.”

They huddled and whispered among themselves with grave concern about my request for more time. And eventually they broke ranks and with downcast eyes and stooped shoulders moved in their own immutable way towards me and said that “we took your request for more time more seriously than other requests because of its innocence as we realized that after all these years, you still not have learned that love is like a gypsy child who follows no rules, and there are always silly men like you who confuse sex with love and loss. We have given up hope that you will ever learn these lessons and have decided to deny you request for more time. Finally, we looked our crystal ball to check out your future and discovered that you have used it all up. Your time has come!”

I thanked the gods for their decision based on the wisdom of ages but reminded them that the condemned have always been given a chance to say some final words, and I again pleaded: “Dear gods, before I take my leave of this earth, I request and pray that you give me back the time that I lost by patiently waiting for women in cars, lobbies, shops, bars, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and getting off the phone.”

And they laughed….

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