Eyes Turned Skyward

Like Prometheus, I bear forbidden

knowledge. The secrets of flight

stolen from the realm of dreams.

I will offer you these esoterica.

Shall you rise in darkness?

Shall you fall in light?

Which most appeals to

your nature?

When the sun rises,

scale the highest peak within

sight of your circular horizon.

Fling yourself

from its apex. Face-first.

It is vital to see

the nadir of your fall.

And at the ultimate

moment, miss the ground.

In the waning light of sunset,

shift your weight onto your right

foot. Lift your now lightened left

and step upon the darkness.

Shift your weight onto your left

foot. Lift your ground bound right.

Find your balance

floating upon the night.

Close your eyes. Tilt back your head.

Spread your arms; embrace

the shadows as your wings.

In your mind, push down and

away into the low dome sky.

No matter the secret, belief must be

your lodestone, not doubt. Let not doubt

be the millstone about your neck,

drawing you down into the fear

of falling, or worse yet, grounding

you with the fear of flying.

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