WoooHooo! June Writing Contest Winners : )

K’den.  Get two winnahs dis mont.

DoreenB.  You win Da Mos Naked Gecko Poem Award
Darrell:  You win Da Mos Mist-ologicalifragilistical Story Award

Guess what?  Still get prizes.  Guess what da prizes.  Eh, you know, right?  Da mos sought afta prizes in da BRP universe:  Bamboo Bucks.  You know how much?  Das right, ten.  You know who da bucks is courtesy of?  No, not me, da Bamboo Buckaroo.  I wish I was so rich, I tell you.  No, da great prize every mont come from the Bamboo Bucks tree Mr. Lum and Mr. Chock wen plant in da secret BRP garden back in 1978.  You know where da garden stay?  No, lolo, you don’t.  I jes told you was one secret.  But here’s a big hint:  Da secret garden stay right behine . . . Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Lum and Mr. Chock jes wen double slap my head.

Now I forgot what I was saying.

Anyway, keep writing, yeah.  An sen in some writing prompts, awready.  You know how hard stay for Jim and Lanning to generate so much prompts?  Take hours an hours for ole guys like dem two.  An das jes fo come up wit one single prompt.

So like I said cuz I way into emphatic repetition:  Write contest entries and send prompts.  Mahalo an good luck : )

Mahalo for reading!

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