Fourth and Last Writing Contest Prompt for October

The Japs, my mysterious kin, Had just bombed Pearl Harbor. Each night thereafter, Each home Was allowed one blackened light. So, windows were tarred And cracks under doors were Stuffed with rags, chastizing The light that dared to wander. The block wardens would then Come to check out the lights. Violators were startled by the…

Third Monday Writing Contest Prompts for October

Use any ideas you come up from these excerpts as writing prompts. Let your mind wander, and  let’s write.   Scales glisten; pink whiskers jut out. Some are the color of mud, others recall the embroidery of coats placed on babes one-month old. Fat, round, small: they lay on the crushed ice, stall after stall….

Aloha Tower Clock in Covid-19 Time

(At 5:10 pm Saturday in Honolulu, Hawaii, it is 5:10 am Sunday in Paris, France), a twelve-hour parenthesis conjoining (this week’s last day with last week’s first) or vice-versa (first day of this, final day of previous, depending on whether you stand in Paris or Honolulu facing east or facing west). By all accounts, their…

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