October Words

October Words

(Sing to the tune of “Battle of New Orleans”.)

The Buckaroo says we should take him by surprise
And write whatever words we see
Within our inner eye,
A challenge aimed my way, it seems, like,
“Catch this where you are,”
A bucking knuckleball he hurls,
White lightning in a jar.

(Stop singing.)

The two writing prompts for October are opening paragraphs of stories written in first-person narration and published by Bamboo Ridge Press in consecutive issues a hundred years or so ago.

The first was written by Jonathan Kim, my student at the University Laboratory School. 1979? He’s getting up there. Hope he’s doing well, and not just with the girls.

The second was written by me, practicing what I preached. The word “boob” makes me think of H. L. Mencken, especially in this age of Trump. Boobocracy indeed.

I love Bamboo Ridge Press. Who wouldn’t?

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