David and Bonnie

There was a boy named David. As he grew older, and left the house more, dirt began accumulating in his eyes—small particles of dirt, drifting on the breeze or shaken off by others. The particles were tiny, like dust, and difficult to see. The dirt in David’s eyes accumulated so gradually that he didn’t notice…

Attaining Aunty-hood

A hefty middle-aged local guy leapt up from his seat when I entered the crowded waiting room, called me Aunty, and offered me his seat.  I thanked him but declined because I only had a quick question for the office staff.  These days I’m always pleasantly surprised by the Aunty-thing.  This happened to me more…

June 2023 Year of the Rabbit Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Prompts

Hey. It’s June. Let’s write a piece, between 100 and 500 words that celebrates something. It can be anything from being alive, to a wedding or some other festive event. Or it could be about getting a new job or a promotion or retirement. Maybe the birth of your child, grandchild, or a friends’ child….

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