Wing Tek Lum visits HPU

Wing Tek Lum visited Hawaiʻi Pacific University's undergraduate-student-run literary magazine class, Wanderlust. There he sat among the students in a circle, creating a warm and engaging feel.

Lum opened his presentation with a brief overview of Bamboo Bridge Press. He explained its origins and the mission statement, creating a home for local writers. Bamboo Ridge Press publishes more than texts set in the islands, BRP looks for pieces that emanate local sensibilities.

Then Lum gathered the interests of students who wished for a future in the publishing world. He described the arduous journey of creating a press in a clear step-by-step explanation. Students were engrossed with the passion and hardship needed to begin.

Lum also answered questions about the BRP's literary magazine itself. He spoke about how he noticed that the press seems to enjoy non-sequitor poetry and stories that fit the mission statement. He closed giving students the golden rule to submitting to a publisher–read their previously published works!

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