Without Clarification All Would Have Been Overlooked…

I pulled the parking brake on the Ford and turned off the motor just outside the walkway up to the address.

I swallowed down hard in my throat as I saw the curtains fling here and there. I knew I was being studied, and I wondered if they expected me to have gone home to change from my work clothes. Well, being my lunch break that was out of the question. "Just drop off the motorcar and be on your way" I said to myself as I came to the porch steps.

Here, There is Greatness…

A selection from The Surfing Beatnik by Abraham Ahmed
SNIP: "With the fire light that beamed into Burly Thom’s face I could now make out the details of his disposition. He was indeed a much larger man in the light than in the dark. Though not obese by any means, he was big, robust, and brawny. He had a thick, dark red beard with hints of gray near the corners of his mouth and chin. His face, already wide, seemed wider, almost bear-like, with this beard. His hair, also of the same dark red, was kept in a neat, side-combed crew cut. He seemed to glow in the firelight." [3332 words] — This is a Year of the Dragon Contest entry

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