January 2021 Year of the Rat Writing Contest Winners : ) Yay!

Okay writers, these are the folks who each get 10 Bamboo Bucks to spend in the BRP online store.  But books, or shirts, or bags, or whatever.  Just email

[email protected]

to request the code to use in the online store.  Make sure to use your bucks before February 28.

The winners for January are:

Ori C. Li, who also wins Da Holes to the Front Make Miss _____ Proud Award

Tachiyam, who also wins Da You Kinea Making Me Itchy and Nose Runny Award

Fred Peyer, who also wins Da Best Use of da Greek Alphabet Award

Joy Gold, who also wins Da Kitchen Sink Award

Jim Harstad, who also wins Da Best Untitled Title Award

Doreen Beyer, who also wins Da I Believe It Award

and Darrell Lum, who also wins Da What?  You Telling Me Before Sixth-Grade I Wasn’t American? Award

Congratulations to everyone, take great pride in your awards, and spend those Bamboo Bucks before they expire.


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  1. Ronette K Belasco says:

    Congrats to da winnahs! How can we read da stories dey wrote? I can connect with Darrell’s 6th grade one and like read! Mahaloz!

  2. Bamboo Buckaroo says:

    Ronette, if you go to the main page, you’ll see four main tabs: About, Blog, Bookstore, Da Kine.

    Click on Da Kine and then under Bamboo Shoots, click Writing Contests. All the entries are listed on the right side. Just keep scrolling down.

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