July 2021 Year of the Ox Writing Contest Winners : )

Oh oh.  Forgive my tardiness.  I forgot just about everything over the past few days.  But I remember a few things now, like these are the winners for July:

Ken Tokuno:  Da Salt Shower Trees Award

Alex:  Da Summer Morning Award

Fred Peyer:  Da Noble, Generous, Courageous, and Compassionate Cook Award

Doreen Beyer:  Da Wow Award

Joy Gold:  Da Van Gogh Award

Jim Harstad:  Da Best Title and Da Which UW? Award

Everybody wins 10, count um, 10 Bamboo Bucks.  You can use um to buy books or shirts or anything in the Bamboo Ridge online store.  Before you shop, email:

[email protected]

so you can get the code to use for your 10 Buck discount when you check out.  Just tell um you’re a July winner!

Everybody keep writing.  I know it’s time to start your holiday shopping, but don’t let that get in the way of your writing.

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