May 2023 Year of the Rabbit Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners

Okay, Happy June.  It’s busting out all over.  Anyone reading this get married in June?  Congratulations.  Dads?  Congratulations to you too.  When I think of June, I think of my godchildren growing up in Connecticut who would still be in school.  I can’t imagine living in a place where they still have school in June.  Or was it like that here too?  I don’t know.  My school always let us go in May.  And I remember the good old days when school wouldn’t start until the day after Labor Day.  This August start is awful.  And year-round school is awful.  You can learn a lot during long summers, holding summer jobs for three months, taking long family vacations.  There’s one thing where the good old USSR won.  They scared the US into thinking that we had to force our children to go to school year round just like they did in order to keep up with them.  Thanks, USSR, wherever you may be.

But enough mind-wandering.  We got winners for May.  Yay!  And you all win 10 Bamboo Bucks.  That you have to split among yourselves.  Nah nah nah.  10 each.  To spend in the BRP online store.  Send an email to

[email protected]

and let them know you’re a May winner.  They’ll send you a code to use when you check out of the BRP online store.  Make sure to use Bucks before the end of this month.

And the winners are:

Joy Gold

Congratulations to all of you, and mahalo for entering.  Head over to the prompts for June.  If you an guess any of the prompts in advance, you win a high-five.  Good luck with this month’s writing.

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