Halloween vibe, Almost Halloween, Witch night, Halloween festival, Halloween Irony, What lies in Halloween

1. Halloween vibe Mist swallows the street Enshrouded in mystery A row of lanterns 2. Almost Halloween A boo in basement Cutting through walls every night Almost october 3. Witch night Cackles from above Dark crows against pale moonlight Witchcraft ritual 4. Halloween festival Pumpkins clinging to The witch’s broom to the new moon Midnight…

Goblins’ mischief, Brave Pirate, Witch’s weakness

1. Goblin’s mischief Three little goblins Threw pranks and spells door to door Under the owl’s watch 2. Brave Pirate Unshaken by night The pirate flag flies with might Lanterns lose their light 3. Witch’s weakness On halloween night The witch’s mouth too full of sweets To cast curse and spells

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