BAMBOO RIDGE E-News for 06/26/11 — Here comes Wine & Words : )

Aloha to all of you great friends and supporters of BAMBOO RIDGE. Hope to see you all at our annual fundraiser, Wine & Words, on Tuesday, July 19th. We'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of our online writing contests and looking forward to the landmark publication of BR issue #100. More about this not to be missed extravaganza below.

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First, mahalo to all our friends who stopped by the BR table at the annual Hawaii Book and Music Festival. Here are some of the Word Bag entries we received:

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Juliet Kono will be appearing twice this coming week on KHET with Leslie Wilcox on Leslie's LONG STORY SHORT TV show:



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As I mentioned earlier, BR's annual Wine & Words fundraiser will be coming up on Tuesday, July 19. This year we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Great BR Short-Short Story contest and out Great BR Fishing & Wishing 100 – 100

Readings by the amazingly all non-Chinese LEE family will be featured — Dr. Lum and Mr. Chock said it was okay, but only this one time : )

LEE Cataluna
Lanning LEE
LEE Tonouchi
Lois "LEE"-Ann Yamanaka

In addition, six authors who were selected from both the Short-Short Story contest and the Fishing & Wishing 100 – 100 contest will be invited to read their pieces, and all six will have their pieces published in the upcoming 100th issue of BR : )

"Traditions," by Donald Carreira Ching:

"The Unforgettable Flight," by James Harstad:

"I Nevah Know My Mada Was one Lesbian," by Terri Nakamura:

"Changing Lanes," by Bill Teter:

"Grandpa Is an Astronaut," by Kristel Yoneda:

"Safe Keeping," by "Doodie":

We'll be at Manoa Valley Theatre. Park for free at Manoa Marketplace, come eat heavy pupu style and drink and laugh with us. Only $20! What a deal : )

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YeeHah! Speaking of The Great BR Fishing & Wishing 100 – 100 contest, it ain't over yet. Not by a long shot. And you could still get published in a future issue of BAMBOO RIDGE, so keep entering : ) This month's two writing themes are:




Here are the rules:

Get your entries posted on the Bamboo Shorts section of the BRP page by Thursday, June 30 at 2:00 p.m. HST:

And to give you a heads-up on the two July writing themes, they will be:

On Being Local


Lucky You Live Hawaii

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We hope to see you all at Wine & Words on July 19. If I forgot anything, I'll catch it next time, if I remember I forgot Until we meet again, it this virtual world or the real one, everybody take good care and stay well.

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