BAMBOO RIDGE E-News for 07/14/11 — Wine & Words this Tuesday : )

Friends, aloha and a very Happy mid-July to you. Happy Birthday to all the July folks.

Time is short. Call 808.626.1481 right now to make your reservation for Wine & Words:

Hey! You know what would make a great, inexpensive birthday present? Taking that lucky person to Wine & Words this coming Tuesday, July 19th.

Just tell the person that you're throwing a huge birthday party at Manoa Valley Theatre at 7:00. Don't forget you can park for FREE at Manoa Shopping Center, then come eat and drink for $20 a person (what a deal).

Tell the birthday person that lots of people have written poems and stories especially for the celebration, and they're all going to read those pieces starting at 7:30 — make sure lots and lots of wine is consumed by 7:30 — gonna be harder for the celebrant to tell if the pieces are about him or her what with diminished mental clarity.

If the person says something like, "Eh, that poem is about someone named Mulva. My name is Delores," first refill the wine glass and then talk about fictionalizing techniques such as changing people's names. As the glass empties, throw in comments about metaphors and use the word "trope" with authority. "Reification" is another guaranteed mind fogger.

If that's still not enough, refill the wine glass again and start in on the brilliant confusion of signs and signifiers, oh, and "destabilization" of the text, and use the term "aporia" to cover anything that seems to be inconsistent with the whole birthday party rouse.

If you like, you can even run over to Safeway and buy a cupcake to enhance the illusion. Plus a candle for the cupcake might help. Make sure to give Eric and Darrell a heads-up that we have to sing Happy Birthday to ________ after the reading is over. No problem. We're happy to help.

So call now to make your "birthday party" reservations: 808.626.1481.

By the way, if you can't make it this coming Tuesday, we are always most grateful for your kind tax-deductible donations:

Everybody take good care and keep writing.

* * * * *

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