BR and the KIPO public radio pledge drive

Joe Tsujimoto and I will be the "pitchmen" tonight (KIPO FM 89.3 6-7 pm, Tues, 10/14)along with Aloha Shorts producers Phyllis Look, Craig Howes, and Sammie Choy answering the phones. So when we ask you to give money, please call in because shame if the phones no ring when it’s our hour. We’ll have a couple of copies of Joe’s book and a couple of gift subscriptions as incentives to give away.

And try come to the next taping of Aloha Shorts on Sunday, Nov. 2. Local actors will be reading work by:
New Year, poem by Wanda Fujimoto
New Year’s Eve, short story by Mavis Hara
J’Like Ten Thousand, short story by Darrell H.Y. Lum
Nowadays Not Like Before, short story by Tony Lee
Last Shrimp, poem by Cherylene Lee
Gau, short story by Laureen Kwock
Chinese Hot Pot, poem by Wing Tek Lum

Music by Hammajang. Music starts at 6:45 pm, Readings start at 7 pm.

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