Flash Poetry/Prose Challenge Winners

These are the Flash Poetry/Prose Challenge winners from the 2012 Hawaii Book and Music Festival.

Remember V-Day 1967?
I made for you a meat loaf
better than your Mama’s!
You gave me —
new vacuum cleaner —
and a cordless drill!
Okay honey — suck out my car
& Hang up family pictures —
You’re so romantic!!
No energy for whoopee!

Wat you looking at?
Depends. If you look big, see da galaxies
an da black holes.
If you look small, you see atoms.

But if you really look inside, you see da network of
healing energy, bursting with light and life.

Driving hints. Keep some soft music
while driving. Keeps your mind from
wondering away and keeps you from
daydreaming. This will make you focus
on the road. Don’t tex or talk on
your cell phone. You will only
get in trouble or have a accident!
These hints will give you a healthy
and longer life

We have a special dog. His name is
Tobey, after Tobey McGuire of “Spiderman”
fame. But our Tobey is different—he’s
so active, and has a mind of his own.
We think he may have ADHD—but who
knows—he could just be a human-like dog.
When he was younger, we had to screw
down his food & waterbowls because
he would flip them over, and the noise
from the aluminum hitting the concrete
drove our neighbors crazy.

Why No Can See Me?

Why no can see me? Teacha
Why no can see me?
I dat one kolohe boy
You aways say my name.
You scold me. You tell me fo
do my work. I no lisen. Cuz
stay easier fo be kolohe den be stupid.
I no can read, no can write.
But chu steo no see me!
Why no can see me?

Mo bettah no boddah
She no love me anyway
Mo beddah no boddah
I’m in recovery anyway
Mo bettah no boddah
I don’t need her anyway
Mo bettah no boddah
I love myself anyway
Mo bettah no boddah
I love myself more today!

FLASH Poetry/Prose Challenge for KIDS:


On a Wensday 18 annoying cupcakes
went for a run to Las Vegas. One cupcake
said, “I want money money and more
money.” The other one said, “I like
your idea but I want 100,000 pounds
of cakes.” Then another cupcakes
said, “I like flowers, seashells, pearls,
and turtles.” Then the 18 annoying
cupcakes were in Las Vegas. Then they
hurried to the gambleing staiton
first. Then they all got two hundred
milloin dallors. The End.
–Taylor Aiko

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