Hawaii Book and Music Festival Word Bag winners

Listed are the Hawaii Book and Music Festival Word Bag winners.

First Place Winner
I will liftoff into the sunny literature
–Dionael Distajo

Second Place Winner
I peeked at the magazine my father carried as we sat down for dinner; it was open to a page of poetry.
–Nicole Hori

Third Place Winner
To all savvy people, if can-can…if no can still can!
–Joshua Dawson

Fourth Place Winner
You see vanity skydiving smooth off the tips of people’s tongues taking a plunge into conceitment.
–Serena Simmons

Honorable Mentions
Skip July I belong to August.
–Courtney Barry

I’m afraid the camera will capture my experience.
–Alice Kim

Celebrate the silence between the lines as you step through the Bamboo Ridge.
–Jana Chang

The world is my residence, but it escapes me.
–Peter Li

Your words are done, please stop talking!!
–Mei Ling Luke-Almony

Experiences are in your future.
–Jemma Stollberg

Sometimes, work is a novel.
–Louelle Saya

Life is like ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts away.
–Kalani Manzo

I saw her smile and it was enough solutions to live.
–Jenna Surwilo

Winners will be contacted by a member of the Bamboo Ridge Press staff.

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