Aloha Long and Shorts

Ho, chicken skin…the last taping of Aloha Shorts featured music by Paul Hanna and Follow No Trends, mellow songwriter/singer social commentary…nice sound with the addition of a twelve string player and standup bass. CDs available at Borders I think online.

Poetry by Kathy Phillips read by Julia Steele. Gary Tachiyama’s stuff was read by Aito Steele but the chicken skin moment was Bulldog’s rendition of a story by Alexei Melnick. Check the story out in issue #89. Ho, Bulldog, he went practice dis one, cause was intense! Complete with four letter words but you never for a moment left the story. Obviously the producer Jason Taglianetti has his work cut out for him to beep all the parts that can’t be aired. All the more reason to listen to the shows in person! Next taping is:

Tuesday November 6, 7PM
Atherton Studio, FREE!

Ginger Gohier reads SALESMAN’S DAUGHTER by Laura Iwasaki

Karen Hironaga reads 3 SHORT PIECES: “Mixing Poi”, “How to Cook
Rice,” & “Jade Heart” by Kathleen Tyau

Dann Seki reads NOSTALGIA by Ty Pak

Live Music by John Cruz (music guests have been really, really good!)

Don’t forget that the airtime for Aloha Shorts has moved to Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.

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