Bamboo bagatelles

from my notes at the most recent Bamboo Ridge meeting:

Keep March 11th, 2008 open. Just in case.

I’m not sure why the term "Mango Season" came up (I was getting confused by member benefits debate), but it made me remember the TON of mangoes my family’s tree produced this past September and wondering if any of them were magic ones. If they were, they might’ve laughed themselves off the tree to see my dad and uncle struggling to pry the mango net stick away from my beagle (who of course thought it was a tug-of-war stick).

We are going high-tech, discussing MP3’s, videos, PayPal, and PDFs. Of course only Pete seems to understand these things 100%, everyone else (including me) marvels at such mysteries of the techverse.

Don’t forget to listen to "Aloha Shorts" on Tuesday nights! (For more info, see Darrell’s 9/4/07 blog, "Aloha Shorts on KIPO 89.3".) Unfortunately this is a personal reminder as well; I always seem to forget, no matter how many times I remind myself. AND I also forgot to watch this week’s episode of "Pushing Daisies"!

Fun meeting moment: trying to remember what issues had "Tai Chi Masters of Dim Sum Checks". Eric said #72, Pete was surprised to discover it was in #72, I said it was in at least two issues, but (as I remember) it was Joy that nailed it: issues 63/64 and 72. Once our shiny new database is online, that would be a cool treasure hunt idea, like a "where’s Waldo" for BR buffs.

Incidentally, no Waldos in the database. Learn something new every day.

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