Open Call to College-Aged Artists

Bamboo Ridge Press is an independent, Hawai‘i-based nonprofit in search of a college-aged (17-22) artist from Hawai‘i to reimagine our fish logo for a special, limited-edition merchandise and fundraising project run on  The artist whose work is chosen will receive a $50 honorarium; a book bundle; choice of a shirt or tote; and will…

They Can Do It

My write-up shows the steps I took in getting the students to write their own renshi. The process was simple:
1. playing a word association game like–river, rocks; rocks, roll; roll, cinammon and so on.
2. dividing the class into small groups of four or five;
3. writing my own poem and having the first writer in the groups take my last line to start their own poems;
4. reading their own poems;
5. pasting all of the poems, showing the sequence, and pasting the final scroll of poems on the board.

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