Da Conversation: Why do you Write?

At a recent meeting today with Misty Sanico and Richard Melendez, the topic of personal journeys came up. But not just the inner journeys we navigate, but also the questions of identity, community, and place that we articulate into our prose and/or poetry. All genres reflect the individual, regardless of the disclaimers we attach to our works, and the places and communities we consider ourselves a part of and apart from.

This blog represents a shift away from the commonplace self-indulgence of blog writing, and instead, I want to use this space to pose a question: why do you write?

Your answer does not need to be complicated, just honest. You can either respond in the comments section below (via Facebook, or by signing in to/signing up for your Bamboo Ridge account) or by emailing me directly daconversationblog@gmail.com. If you choose to use the latter option, I will post your responses (anonymously, if you prefer) by updating this blog posting. Either way, your perspective matters, so please share your thoughts.

Bookmark the site and check back often.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say,



The Bamboo Shoots writing contest is another great way to get your story out into the world, check it out here: https://www.bambooridge.org/bambooshoots

(Update 4/2)

Anonymous writes because..

there’s no space in the editorial section of my local newspaper where a Hilo born and bred pig hunter can vent frustration in a convincing and diplomatic way, sprinkled with home-grown humor.

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