Event Recap: The DO’s and DO’nuts of Writing

The DO’s and DO’nuts of Writing: RECAP

It was standing-room only at the Chinatown Regal Bakery and Café this past October. It was an inspiring event with specially made Bamboo Ridge donuts, local authors sharing their talents, and book give-aways . We posted some of the author’s do’s and do’nuts on our last newsletter but here’s an extended edition just for the blog. Hope you enjoy these quick tips from

Lee Cataluna
DO use details…specificity will only help.
DO NOT use real names unless you’re prepared to answer uncomfortable questions from those people.

Gail N. Harada
DO fall in love with your characters.

Ann Inoshita
DO go back and explore memories from your past.
DON’T be afraid to be yourself—try new things.

Lisa Linn Kanae
DO be compassionate to your characters, even the evil ones. They’re evil for a reason.
DO NOT take criticism personally. Be grateful for a critique—take what you need and forget the rest.

Wing Tek Lum
DO read a lot, and be nice.

Christy Passion
DO include ethnic food and place names to give your writing a sense of place.
DO set deadlines for yourself so that you DO NOT procrastinate.

Jean Toyama
DO be persistent, DON’T stop.

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