June 2022 Year of the Tiger Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners : )

Aloha to all you authors out there in writing land.  I hope your July is off to a good start.  We have winners again, and you’ll each receive 10 Bamboo Bucks to spend in the BRP online store.  Make sure to email

[email protected]

You’ll receive a code that you can use when you check out of our store.

Now, without further ado, here are the May winners:

Dawn Ellen Kim:  Da Surge All the Way Through Your Body and Down to Your Toes Award

Holly Sumida:  Da Wow, Just Wow with Illustrations Award

Joy Gold:  Da We’re All Very Relieved You’re Okay Award, plus da extra Da So Keep Writing Award

Doreen Beyer:  Da Cannot Ever Rub out the Hawaiian in Hawaiians Award

Not a lot of entries this month, but what a great month for entries.  Everybody keep writing.  Let’s get the synergy going and flowing.  Check out the July prompts, and write like your life depended on it.

A hui ho.

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  1. Dawn Ellen Kim says:

    Thank you for selecting my story. Can’t wait to use my bucks on more great local reads!

  2. Dawn Ellen Kim says:

    Don’t need to post this but thought I’d mention there is a typo in the announcement. Sorry for acting like my English teacher with her red pen. Lol

    Now, without further ado, here at (are) the May (June) winners:

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