March 2021 Year of the Rat (Pau) Writing Contest Winners : )

Okay, everybody listed below wins TEN, count um, TEN Bamboo Bucks to use for books, shirts, bags, or anything else in the BRP online store.  Before you shop, email

[email protected]

to request a code to use when you’re checking out.  Make sure to spend your bucks by April 30.

And now, the much coveted awards you’ve each won:

Doreen Beyer:  Da No Worry, Doreen, Darrell Going Save You Award

Darrell Lum:  Da No Worry, Darrell, Doreen Going Save You Award

Ori C. Li:  Da BRP Family Is Always Here To Listen Award

Joy Gold:  Da Have Your Pieces of Any Length, Even 10,000 Words, Ready for the Next Time Bamboo Ridge Puts Out a Call for Submissions Award

Jim Harstad:  Da What a Coincidence Cause That’s April’s Writing Challenge Topic — Oh, That’s Right, It Was Your Suggestion To Begin With Award

Everybody keep writing.  You’re all winners : )


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