November 2021 Year of the Ox Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners : )

Aloha to all you Thanksgiving survivors, and welcome to the Thunderdome that is spending all your money on holiday presents you think might be good choices.  I have one sister who loves anything.  Buying done.  And one sister who hates everything.  Buying done, and dreading the reaction.

But enough about my family problems.  Here we go with this month’s winners.  If you recall — something I can’t do anymore, so I hope you can — the prompt to be dealt with or ignored, was to write about something sitting around the area where you were writing.  I attempted the task while seated on the toilet, laptop at the ready, but could not see anything to write about.  The following writers had better luck.  Each of you wins the ever-coveted 10 Bamboo Bucks which means you can use them toward buying holiday gifts in the BRP online store.  Just email

[email protected]

to get the code you’ll need when you check out.

OB, I wanted to give you 30 Bamboo Bucks, but Darrell and Eric said, “What?  You want a Christmas present this year or not?”

And I said, “Why?  What you was goin give me?”

And they said, “Twenty Bamboo Bucks.”

So OB, I’ll split it with you.  You win 20 Bamboo Bucks this month to spend in the online store.

Okay, here we go with the even more coveted individual awards:

OB, you win da “He Should Print da UH logo on ‘Um and Sell ‘Um at Ching Field During Games” Award

and da “Every time I See da Green Ones on My Screens at Night, I Thank ‘Um for the Good Work,” Award

and da ” Wow!  You Was on Fire in November!  If You Do This One at a Reading, I Like Hear You Do the Shriek” Award.

Normie Salvador, you win da “Remember How Cheap Was Abalone in da Pink Can?  Now They Lock up the Abalone Because Everybody Shoplifting Um, So Expensive” Award.

Chemi Souen, you win da “Ho, Chiemi, Shoulda Just Bid $13” Award

Joy Gold, you win da “We Used To Eat da Green Ones — Macadamia Nuts, Not Geckos — on My Neighbor’s Tree.  So Hard, So Bitter, but We loved Um Like That” Award

Doreen Beyer, you win da “You Know What Would Be Scary?  If You Wake Up in da Middle of da Night an She Stay on Your Bed Waving at You,” Award

Okay, I’m working on the trophies.  I’m only up to the March 2010 winners, so hang in there.  Each trophy takes about a year to make, because I grow my own macaroni, and it takes a long time for them to dry out so I can glue them together.

Meanwhile, keep writing.  You never know when your piece might be selected by the editors for publication in a future issue of the Bamboo Ridge Journal.



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