October 2021 Year of the Ox Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners : )

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.  Oh, wait, I think I jumped the gun here.  I’ll have to show more restraint on the holiday cheer front, like retailers do.

Kayden, let us cut the proverbial chase.  Once upon a time, Darrell Lum and Eric Chock planted a very special tree in the back yard of the super secret Bamboo Ridge underground fortress at 2021 Stillman Lane in Liliha.  Nah nah nah, I’m kidding.  If I gave you the address, then it wouldn’t be super secret right?  Plus for giving away the location, Darrell and Eric would cut off my hot tub and foosball privileges.

Anywaysies, they took extra special care of their tree and fed it all kinds of good stuff, like newt eyeballs, frog toes, and bat wool — whatever that is — so that eventually it would bear fruit, the fruit being Bamboo Bucks.  The tree branches became so heavy with Bamboo Bucks that Darrell and Eric decided to give them away to folks who wrote good stuff, 10 Bamboo Bucks a crack.  I tried for 12, but they said, together at the same time,  “Do we look like we’re made out of Bamboo Bucks?”  Which I took to be a No.

Anywho, here are the October winners of 10 Bamboo Bucks each.  Remember to use them by November 30th. Send a message to

[email protected]

so you can get the code to redeem your Bamboo Bucks when you check out of the online store.  Hey, perfect timing.  You can buy those holiday presents now.

Perhaps even more importantly, the following writers each receive special awards.  So here we go:

Joy Gold, you win da “Eh!  Mister Logical!  I Don’t Care If It’s Only a Single Car Lane.  Turn This Freakin’ Car Around Right Now!” Award.

Lesa Griffith, you win da “Liberty House!  Ho, That Is One For Real Flash from the Past” Award.

OB, you win da “Say Hello to da New Head of PR for Costco” Award.

Normie Salvador, you win da “Whoa!  Somebody’s Pretty Brave To Write About Nightmarchers” Award.

Doreen Beyer, you win da “Anything with a Stuffed Animal in It Is an Automatic Winner” Award.

Congratulations to everyone.  Now let’s get writing for November, and everybody write only about Christmas until the middle of January.  Or not.


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