Octobah Year a da Rat Writing Contes Winnahs : )

Was tough again, I tell you.  Get two dis mont da judges like.  Dey tol me, Eh, BB, you choose.  Frick.  I hate it wen I gotta do dat.  At firs I tought I was jes goin flip one coin.  But den I tought, You know what, dis is Bamboo Ridge.  Dis ain’t some kine’a, you know, pedestrian kine’a ting.

So den I tought, Eh, what if I try arm wrestle myself.  So I sat down and tried, but you know what?  Bot my arms was equally strong, so I was sitting fo like twenny minutes.  So stupid, I tell you.  I was pushing so hard with bot hands, man, I had to have a beer.

Aftah I wen replenish my fluids, I tought, I know, I going play chess against myself.  So I set up da chess set, but you know what?  I frickin don’ know how fo play chess.  So I had one more beer.

Aftah two beers, I wanted one more, but I also had to figure out one way to figure out da winnah.  But you know what?  I got so thirsty, I jes said, Damn.  Dey both so good, jes call um a tie.  So Jim Harstad an Joy Gold, you two win 10 Bamboo Bucks.  Each I mean.  Not you gotta split um five five.  Use um befo November 30 in da BR online store.  At checkout, tell our Joy you won.

Along wit da Bucks, hey, you also get your awards.

Joy, you win da I Wondah If We Evah Gonna Have Bon Dances Again Award.

Jim you win da much coveted Fuck Covid Award.

Congrats, friends, an keep on writing.

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