What I Should Have Said

What I Should Have Said
By: Brian Denton

Claire: No you can’t sell my PS2!
Me: Good to know, Claire.
Claire: God, you and Joe would always sell my stuff.
Me [thinking]: Correction, we sold the stuff we bought that you liked.
Me [mumbling]: Well that is why I asked first, isn’t it.
Claire: What was that!
Me: Nothing. Nothing in the world
Claire: Jesus, when will you get your own money? Maybe you should get something called a job, like me.
Me [thinking]: Where, on Hotel Street?
Me: Good to know, Claire. I’ll use your advice.
Claire: I’m sure you will. God, when will you stop being so lazy!
Me [thinking]: When your boyfriends don’t have deep pockets.
Me: When are you gonna leave?

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