A Beast Moves In


The big black beast came to live in our home when I was six years old. Tarnished, scratched and needing repair, the beast snarled while entertaining us. Becoming a part of our family, we accepted its deficiencies. A mangled coat hanger created rabbit ears for improved reception and a butter knife changed channels. Gathering in front of the cumbersome box, we observed Superman calmly face his persecutors, the chilling fear of Twilight Zone even as Wagon Train showed us we no longer lived by the sweat of the brow; a new force was controlling our destiny.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Catchy opening line! What an interesting way of describing and depicting a TV. I like the drama associated with the beast "snarling" while it entertains you. Some strong images that add an interesting twist to seeing and understanding what a television is and does.

  2. cmak15 says:

    I’m a huge fan of looking at ordinary objects in new ways. Great job. I love the butter knife changing the channels. I personally use a spoon. Great job.

  3. jerrod_84 says:

    I think this piece is stellar!!! Because I was raised in the country, I cannot adequately express my odd distrust of technology, even though I succumb to the inevitability of it every day. Excellent story!

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