To My Daughter

To My Daughter

I sent you to college,
In a proper dress with an oboe.

You came back, wearing jeans,
Carrying a guitar.

You said jeans kept you warm in winter,
I could see that.

At your graduation,your class president
Said, "This ceremony is for you parents.

We would rather have used the funds to
Give to those in need, the homeless."

I sent you to college
In a proper dress.

You came back
Wearing jeans.


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  1. Anne Greer says:

    I love this, Marie! Made me remember that I was sent off to college in a pleated skirt. Four years later: cheesecloth, tie-dye and beads. Peace, man, peace.
    Aloha, Anne (from England)

  2. Auntie L says:

    back in the day, girls weren't even allowed to wear pants in
    freezing cold at city college in san francisco, ca.

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