My son’s hand trembles as I lead him towards the bright opening of the cave. As we pass the other villagers – dark-eyed cowards hiding in the shadows – they paint stained-glass smiles on their faces, millimeters above their mocking jeers. We march to the beat of laughter.

I gaze back over my toughened shoulder at the shelters of onyx rock. A new dawn breaks from the mouth of the cave. My wife already stands near a towering palm with my infant daughter. Forward, we walk out into the forest, away from the darkness of the cave, leaving everyone behind.

Talk story

  1. 4Him says:

    "We march to the beat of laughter" – my favorite! Can be takes so many ways – quickly, stammering, etc. So much is said in 100 words…esp. the last few, "leaving everyone behind." It begs the question and leaves the reader wanting more.


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