Dangerous Creatures-The Crab

There is a crab that can kill a man. One monstrously hairy leg rises effortlessly. Pungent smells strike nearly knocking me down.

Rocks shift, rumbling. Salt air wafts around me. Ocean waves crash. The creature looms. Hairs on the back of my neck prickle.

Three feet tall, legs as long as two men supine on the sand. Claws like electric saws. Large teeth glisten, jutting out like sharp rocks inside a cave. Terrified, I sit, silent.

Click click click. Tap dancing. Razor sharp claws make perfect tap shoes. There is a crab that can kill a man but dances instead.

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  1. cmak15 says:

    Great first line. Very engaging. Interesting title. Does it imply that there are more dangerous creatures to come?

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