Near Mountain View

Our rental car rolls into then speeds up and over the garbage can lid-sized pothole. This better be worth it, I mumble to no one in particular. Kema steers the car into a slow curve against the honohono grass and responds,"No worry, Joe Curry. Oh wow, laulau, this going be sweet–garans ballbarons!" in a sing song tell tale voice.

I know then that we are lost.

From the back seat Eric blurts out, “Hey, you guys! Aholehole. Oama. Opah. All the street names are fish. We getting close. This is the place.” Famous last words, I tell myself.

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  1. Johanna says:

    I really enjoyed this piece! It has such a feeling of realism to it. I can connect with the speaker. I love the power and simplicity behind lines like "I know then that we are lost" (who hasn't felt this way! ;-)) and "Famous last words, I tell myself." Excellent way to end the story.

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