Notes to Self

One hundred words for a story? (Note to self: Start right now. Plunge straight in. No hesitation.) What’s that? Just eighty words left? Or seventy-one if I count from here? (Note to self: Stop procrastinating.) How to begin? “It was a…” A what? “…a dark and stormy night.” Too many
cumbersome adjectives? Probably. So. “It was a night.” (Note to self: Not bad. Suits stripped-down-one-hundred-word-style, but only if hyphenated words count as one and not several. If only one, I’ve still got seventeen left. After all, Hemingway wrote a story in six.) “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” (Note to…)

Talk story

  1. BetweenWatersUnseen says:

    The last line about baby shoes easily, and obviously, makes the piece. There?s something about that detail that just draws you in.

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