Editors' Choice: The Great BR Fishing & Wishing 100 – 100 Contest : )

As you may recall, 29 of the pieces that were submitted between July 2010 and June 2011 for both the original 100-Word Contest and the 100 – 100 Contest were honored at the Wine and Words 100th Issue event in July.

Now, out of all the pieces submitted between July 2011 and January 2012, we have chosen five to honor as well. Each of the five authors will receive a Bamboo Ridge Press exclusive Cora Yee “Walking the Tightrope” T-shirt and a signed copy of Lee Cataluna's Three Years on Doreen's Sofa.

Congratulations again to these five authors who are listed along with the awards they had won:

Da mos Float Like one Buttahfly, Sting Like one Bee Award:

Da mos Well Woven Endstory Award:
“Hanako's Dreams,” by ERIC KIMURA

Da mos Now Das One Great Grampa Award:
“Pahoa Avenue,” by CWONG11

Da mos Wailana Coffee House Sucks — No It Doesn't — Yes It Does — No It Doesn't — Y . . . Award
“Wailana Coffee House Visits,” by ØSTBANEGADE

Da mos So You Tink You Get Problems Award:
“The Wall,” by GLIKS

Whether they will be published in a future issue of Bamboo Ridge remains to be seen, but you never know : )

Keep an eyeball peeled for the next incarnation of the BR Bamboo Shoots online writing contest which will start up March 1st.

Mahalo for reading!

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