Send Them To War!

Send the gangsters,

the murderers and rapists
the terrorists, the child molesters
the fossils with more than their fair share of piss and vinegar.
Send the bad attitudes, and the free-loaders.

Send the ones that want to die with their boots on.

Send the experienced ones
the Clint’s the Tom’s
the Arnold’s and
the Dukes, the ones
with snot-free noses.

The ones that know how
and won’t think twice
to fuck you up and will love doing it.

Send the salty, the sick
the brave hearts
on their last leg.

Send the ones who want
to leave this earth making
a statement, leaving their mark
their sweat
their blood.

Send Them!

Let’s leave our youth alone
with their wives and children
with their minds and their bodies intact.

Leave them to care for this country
to bring us back to sanity
to give us hope
to revive our economy
to renew our faith in humanity.

Let’s harness those hormones to rebuild our bridges and dams
to patrol our borders, and to forge new alliances
without any preconceived ideas of what they can and cannot do.

Let’s sit down and think about how we treat each other
reassess wants and needs
how we teach our children

Let’s take a lesson from nature
and send the Neanderthal to fight the age-old feuds

leave our kids to save the planet
and send the apes– the missing links.

Send Them!

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