Determining GOOD

Right doesn’t have to explain itself to wrong.
Good wins over evil.
Consider this,
No one is GOOD.
We instinctively know this and then reject it
perhaps that is why we ask WHY.
We need to fit all the answers into a nice little package
and then later forget the question.
Future peoples may ask again the how and the why
and they will try to reason out good for whatever purpose
and they too will fall short of a real answer.
that only GOD is good and we all fall short of that.
Educated leaders believe, how dare we not?
Daring to question the
world order
thinking for yourself is highly discouraged
in any age.
Inundated with worldwide media coverage
slanting our bias daily
presently noting even our
computers are smarter than we are.
Our brains are slow our bodies neglected
ignored as collateral damage
unable to process the complexities
of our vast universe.
Machines take us from point A to point B
cut the lawn, wash our clothes, and entertain us
non thinkers
at least for the present.
The hunter gatherers
now hunt at the local
where everything is fresh, homogenized and refrigerated for our convenience.
We are so comfortable in our bubbles
walking through frigid air conditioned aisles with glazed eyes
wondering what to cook for dinner
ignoring the neighbor’s snot nosed kid screaming bloody murder
wrapped in our safe cocoons
waiting for good to appear
to help us decide upon Brand X detergent which is ecologically friendly
or should we opt for the cheaper brand and rent a movie?
Pretty soon we won’t have to think at all
and then who will ask if
we are still alone
about global warming
about faith
about our health
or if anything like being good
still matters.

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