where ancestral bones lie

O Rana’i,
born from the mating
of Wakea and Hoohokukalani,
red dust swirls across rocky land,
blue ocean mesmerizes and beckons.

Canoes land at Keomoku,
fishing families sail back and forth,
to the place where Ku,
first arived in a great ocean storm.

Two konohiki brothers malama ‘aina,
Kealiihananui at Kaunolu,
tends Kamehameha’s fishing heiaus,
and favorite summer home.

Ohua cares for the fishing trap,
for the reefs that edge the moku,
for Polihua where Pele visited,
eating her favorite turtle eggs.

Rana’i smiles,
ko’u moku o hanau,
where ancestral bones lie,
where my bones will return one day.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Leilaniolana’i 2009>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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