Hawaiian Santa

You grab the spirit
I’ll buy the lei
and we’ll wiki wiki
and meet Santa’s sleigh.
Santa’s gonna love
the warm and sunny weather
cruising in red board shorts and
Aloha shirt together.

and texting
his blackberry
eating juicy
the sweet sap
making wide trails
down past his chin
pooling on his belly
yellowing his skin.

Chubby toes sinking
into fine sand deep, amid
boogey board surfers
tanned and fast asleep.
Checking his list
for naughty and nice.
Santa’s little helpers
reeking old spice.

This jolly old elf
makes the season bright
Ho ho ho
Santa’s stylin tonight
in a shiny red sleigh with
eight dolphin on his tether
he’s cruising in the ocean
no matter what the weather
and I heard him exclaim as he rode
out of sight
Mele Kalikimaka,
I’ll be in Fiji tonight.

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    Maika’i loa no ka mele with a Hawaiian flavor! and you know what, I think he’ll be back after the 25th to soak up more sun before heading North. 🙂

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