Dreaming in Reality

Ako ay lumaban para sa aking panaginip
“I will fight for my dream.”
That’s what she said,
Her eyes ablaze,
A hopeful gleam.

The words on a paper
Can be more than they seem.
Tell me, do you have it too?
That ambitious gleam?

Does it burn from within?
Will it guide you to greatness?
Or are your thoughts confused,
Crowded, nameless?

Whatever the case,
Don’t be afraid to dream.
The words from their mouths
Can be cold, heartless, and

So ignore all the haters;
You got your own team.

And cliché though it be,
Follow your heart,
'Cause if anywhere,
That’s the right place to start.

So dream, dream on!
Dream up all you can be.
Remember though, for now,
You’re still stuck in reality.

But maybe one day,
A day not far away,
Your dreams will come true.
And you’ll be flying,
Defying gravity.

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