Eazalay! Eazalay!

I goin tell one story about wat I know. No get peess off eh, cuz I know dis story goin' cause all kine hakaka ova hea een Hawaii and wheaeva da locals wen migrate tru out da worl.

Dis story goin' cause so much pilikia, goin' peet da tutus 'gainst da tutu-kanes, maddahs 'gainst faddahs, braddahs 'gainst seestahs, betwin husbands and wifes, an betwin all da ohanas an aikanes. I stay sked even
fo tell da story cuz I know guys goin' cum knocking on my doa but I no can hide da trut eh. I gotta buss out da story.

Befo time In 1952 we wen move from Wainaku camp 2 in da canefields to
Waiakea homesteds above Kai Stoa on Kilauea Ave on da Beeg Island. I
rememba still had dirt and gravel een da centa of da road.

Too make da long story shawt, two yeas latah me and my keed braddah, I
was seven and he was five, wanted to make da kine guava steeck sleeng
shot. You know da kine sleeng shot whea yu gotta use da "Y" pot of da
guava branch. I no like get eento da details cuz ass one nuddah story dat.

Anyhow we wen een da back of awa house cuz get one beeg forest wit
planny guava trees. We wen put on awa black rubba boots and I wen
carry one cane-knife. I rememba was dreezzling teepical Hilo wedda eh.

Awa first step een da forest we hea one guy say "Eh whea you keeds teenk
you guys stay goin?" We wen look up we saw one tall Kanaka guy leaning on one pine tree, no mo shirt, an he stay geeve us one mean steenk eye man.

By da way ass wat my granmaddah use to call da Hawaiians doze daz,
"kanaka-chan". She was issei and us guys was sansei turd generation, I
mean tird, from Japan. I no like get eento da details eh, cuz ass one
nuddah story dat.

Anyhow he wen point to one stone heart nailed on da tree, like da kine poi pounda kine stone and sed, "eef you guys make any kine pilikia een hea, dis stone heart goin kahuna you an make you guys hands like dees!"
Making heez hands like claws.

I was so sked I wen hide da cane-knife behine my back and we wen bow
awa heads and sed no we not goin' cause trouble. He wen smile and sed
ok you guys can come een. "Eh" he sed "I gotta go so "Eazalay eh",
"eazalay eh", and he was wiggling da shaka sign we know today brah, fo

Eh dees eh, one true story, I no stay bullshet. My faddah use to say "If da bull no shet da grass no grow". Taught I'd tro dat in fo laughs, heh, heh ^ ^. Anyhow da kanaka-chan guy name was Eddie Namohala, awa back
neighba. Hees hole family was some taall, fo reeall!

You teenk dees da end, no way brah! I get more teengs to say, seriously.
Aftah dat all da neighbahood kids was goin' around saying "eazalay bruddah, eazalay" wiggling the 'shaka" sign we know today. I wen fine out "eazalay" wen mean "easily".

I teenk eh, my opinion eh, wen the Haole first came dey use to ask da
Hawaiians fo do favas and da Hawaiians you no get beeg heart eh so dey
geeve em the eazalay sign an wen kokua dem eh. I teenk dey when geeve one too many eazalay signs cuz dey wen get all jam up by da Haoles, but now teengs stay looking good fo dem. Eh, dey maybe awa landlauds one day
but latahs, I no like get into da details eh, cuz ass one nudda story dat.

Anyhow, I no can stop now. The "eazalay" shaka sign latah on wen change
to "shackay" now everybody in Hilo stat goin around and saying,"shackay bruddah shackay" wiggling da eazalay sign.

Now dees wen really bodda me how wen change. I found out wen every
body used to dress up and go holo-holo downtown Hilo to Kress stoa,
Fridays nights, dea hea, shoes, and clothes was all nice and sleeck up like "shellac" you know eh all duke up, so now everybody stay say "shackay eh bruddah, shackay eh", wiggling da shaka sign. I was like dat wit my hair all sleeck down wit the filopino pomade, "Tres Flores" my favorite. I still use-um today. One small jar last foeva. Jus' like da old Wild Root Cream Oil commercial use to say,"A little dab will do ya", or was it "Brelcreem"…I stay foget already… Heh heh ^ ^

Eh I know you guys stay tired already an makapiapia stay coming out but
still dees sign name wen get metamorphalated some mo. In da late sixties or early seventies dey wen call um "hang loose". Dat brah, neva hole wata weet me, seriously; too haole-fied you know too tourisy. Dey jus like sell the easy feeling een Hawaii. I neva even say-um but I teenk eh my opinion eh, wen sell planny surfing t-shirts, shorts, rubbah sleepahs and steeckahs.

Lass but not leas eh around da same time late sixties and early seventies one guy name David Mendonsa one equipment installer leadaman you know da kine foman, wen transfer from Honolulu in Hawaiian Telephone
Company wea I was working in Hilo, Stanley Hodgins was da island manaja den, beet of nostalgia dea.

Anyhow he sed da "hang loose" name was only fo sell stuffs to tourist
ladat. (I teenk was from one song "Just Hang Loose") but everybody else
stay geeve what they call da "shaka" sign he sed.

Ho! I was down brah, totallay, cuz I know once dees "shackay" sign wen
go to Honolulu, dey wen change-um to "shaka", an I know goin always be,
cuz ass how Honolulu eh. They use to set da ba for all us outta island guys to meazsha up eh. Dey the city guys and we da country guys eh. Ass how was eh befo time.

Anyhow, dis eez wea brah, da hakaka goin cum een. Cuz I know eh Beeg
Island get da bragging rights to eenvent the "eazalay sign" even dough eh, brah, dey still going call em "shaka" in my heart goin' always be

No get pees off eh and get all habut eh all you guys from da udda islands, but eef you guys like claim da bragging rights brah seriously, we like hea yo story and let da public decide.

Eh, no goin be mo betta den mine cuz mine eez da trut brah. Da hole trut
an noteeng but da trut brah…fo real..Latahs brah…

PS.. eef you agree wit me ..next time you geev da shaka sign say Eazalay Braddah! Eazalay!..Eh, rememba eh, accent on da last syllable and eh try use 'u' instead of 'a' like 'Bruddah', soun mo sof..small teengs make beeg diffrence..heh heh ^ ^…teenk I goin write one song…

Eh sorry eh about da spaces, makem hard fo read. I dunno what wen happen. I when write em in word perfect and wen copy and trome in hea and wen get all jam up I dunno how to feex-em. Maybee da bamboo bakaroo can feex-em…I dunno dough wit one name wit 'baka' inside…heh heh ^ ^…

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